Marine Air Control Group 28


Marine Air Control Group 28

 Marine Air Control Group 28 History

The MACCS generates combat power through the integration and control of all aviation assets towards the decisive point of  engagement for the MAGTF commander - Rotary Wing, Fixed Wing, Tilt-Rotor, Tankers, UAVs - in concert with surface to surface fires.  Integration is the focus of the MACCS as opposed to just the deconfliction of aviation assets.  The MACCS is imbedded across the MAGTF battlespace; the Tactical Air Command Center (TACC), Tactical Air Operations Center (TAOC), Direct Air Support Center (DASC), Air Support Elements (ASEs), Air Support Liaison Teams (ASLTs), Marine Air Traffic Control Mobile Teams (MMTs), and organic UAVs, all with enabling communications.   

The MACCS streamlines the fires process; the coordination and clearance for MAGTF surface and aviation fires is accomplishment by the collocation of the DASC with the senior Fire Support Coordination Center.  The DASC also facilitates cross boundary fires and maneuver in support joint or combined operations.   The MACCS operates in accordance with Joint and Service Doctrine; the TACC and TAOC integrate the MAGTF surveillance, data links and early warning capabilities with joint C2 agencies per doctrine, and our ATC facilities operate in accordance with civil and operational directives in addition to their combat  ATC missions.

The airspace in both Iraq and Afghanistan is the most complex faced to date in military history.  The MACCS was continually faced with integrating organic aviation and surface fires while simultaneously allowing joint, operational, and civil air traffic to utilize the same small and restricted airspace.

The successes of the MACG and MACCS results from the MACCS providing aviation command and control to the MAGTF under a  single commander that is manned by a practiced, professional  career force of both Officers and Enlisted experts.  The extensive training and habitual relationships with other elements of the MAGTF ensure this group of Marines can plan and execute integrated aviation C2 regardless of the operational or tactical situation presented.


 Contact Info

Marine Air Control Group 28
PSC Box 8069
MCAS Cherry Point, NC 28533
Commercial: (252) 466-3110
DSN: 582-3110

Unit Voting Assistance Officer
First Lieutenant Rock G. Warnick
Marine Air Control Group 28
Building 4401
(252) 466-7046


 MACG-28 Awards
   Meritorious Unit Citation Streamer 1982
 National Defense Streamer with 2 Bronze Stars

 Iraqi Campaign Streamer with 3 Bronze Stars
   Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Streamer

 Global War on Terrorism Service Streamer