Marine Wing Communications Squadron 28


Marine Wing Communications Squadron 28

 MWCS-28 History

1 September 1967 Marine Wing Communications Squadron 2 was activated as a subordinate squadron of Marine Wing Headquarters Group 2.

1 July 1972 MWCS-2 was redesignated Marine Wing Communications Squadron 28 and was assigned to Marine Air Control Group 28.

6 September 1978 An early morning fire fed by the gale force winds of Hurricane David destroyed the MWCS-28 building. For almost 4 years, the squadron operated out of temporary trailers and tents.

6 July 1982 The Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Robert H. Barrow, officially opened the current MWCS-28 headquarters building. During the same period, the 2d Marine Aircraft Wing Communications Reorganization Test began.

21 April 1981 The Commanding Officer, MWCS-28 assumed operational control of a task organized Detachment A and Detachment B. Communicators from Marine Air Base Squadron 26 and Marine Air Base Squadron 29 were previously assigned duties with Detachment A located at MCAS New River, NC. Similarly, Detachment B was previously organized from communicators from MABS-31 at MCAS Beaufort, SC. Communicators originally assigned to Headquarters; MWCS-28 continued to perform their assigned duties at MCAS Cherry Point.

16 November 1986 The task organized Detachment B at MCAS Beaufort, SC was disestablished.

1 July 1987 The task organized Detachment A at MCAS New River was disestablished and personnel were assigned to the newly activated Detachment B, MWCS-28.

8 September 1987 Detachment A, MWCS-28 was activated at MCAS Cherry Point with communications personnel from MWCS-28. From 1987 to 1992, these detachments participated in numerous exercises in northern Europe, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and the United States. Additionally, Detachment A and Detachment B provided communications supporting 2d MAW and 3d MAW during the Persian Gulf War.

In the summer of 1992 Detachment A and Detachment B were deactivated and a consolidated MWCS-28 was formed as part of the force restructuring effort.

21 September 1994 The Squadron reorganized once again. This time the organization consisted of a headquarters and two Detachments collocated at Cherry Point. The first operational test was successfully completed during Exercise ROVING SANDS-95 as the Squadron provided communications backbone support for the Marine Corps first role as an enabling Joint Force Air Component Commander.

February 2003 The Spartans of MWCS-28 deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom / Operation Iraqi Freedom where they provided communications supporting 3rd MAW during the war. MWCS-28s mission was to establish three crucial communication nodes in Iraq (Jalibah, Qalat Sikar, and An Numaniyah) in support of 3d MAW command and control requirements for the MAGs, MACCS and MWSG. At Jalibah, Maj Bowers led the JFOB Detachment in the establishment of communications. 1stLt Russ led the QFARP Detachment in trace of Task Force Tarawa to the FARP/Comm node at Qalat Sikar, Iraq. LtCol Gill led the AFOB detachment as it moved in trace of 1st Marine Division over 11 days up highway 1, stopping at PACOM FARP, WRIGLEY FARP, and Hantush, Iraq before moving into the An Numaniyah, Iraq airbase.

February 2004 Bravo Company, reinforced with a maintenance platoon from H&S Company, deployed to Camp Taqaddum, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II. Attached to 3d Marine Air Wing, Bravo Company provided communications support for the Marine Air Control Group agencies and numerous flying squadrons located at Camp Taqaddum as well as providing communications detachments to two Forward Operating Bases, FOB Korean Village and FOB Kalsu.

January 2005 MWCS-28 (-) (Rein) deployed to Al Asad, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 04-06. Alpha Company (Rein), MWCS-28 was tasked to provide communications for the 2d Marine Air Wing (FWD) TACC and all MACCS agencies located at Al Asad, FOB Al Qaim and FOB Korean Village. Alpha Company (Rein), MWCS-38, was attached to MWCS-28 and was tasked to provide communications to 2DMAW(FWD) unitls located at FOBs Taqaddum and Kalsu. In August Alpha Company (Rein), MWCS-28 conducted a relief-in-place with Bravo Company (Rein), MWCS-28 and returned to CONUS. Simultaneously Alpha Company (Rein), MWCS-38 was relieved in place by Bravo Company (Rein), MWCS-38 and returned to CONUS. Taskings remained unchanged following the RIP.


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