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MWSS-272 History

Marine Wing Support Squadron 272, the Untouchables, was activated on 6 June 1986 at Marine Corps Air Station New River, North Carolina.  MWSS-272 was organized from the assets of Marine Air Base Squadron 26, Marine Air Base Squadron 29 and Detachment “A”, Marine Wing Support Group 27, which were deactivated on 5 June 1986.

MWSS-272 is responsible for providing all essential Aviation Ground Support (AGS) requirements to the 2D Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) and two individual MAGs (MAG-26 and MAG-29) aboard MCAS New River.  Since 1992, MWSS-272 has provided essential engineer services, field messing facilities, internal airfield communications, motor transport support, aviation and ground refueling, expeditionary firefighting, expeditionary airfield services, and explosive ordnance disposal.

In 1993, MWSS-272 spearheaded the total restoration of Landing Zone (LZ) Bluebird by removing 166,272 square feet of weathered matting, extensive earth work improvements, soil stabilization, and relaying of 158,976 square feet of matting. 

In 1999 and 2000, MWSS-272 supported Exercise New Horizons Humanitarian Civic Assistance (HCA) in the Chaco region of southeastern Bolivia and Nicaragua.  MWSS-272 Engineers were part of 240 U.S. military engineers to construct schools, expand a medical clinic, dig wells, improve roads, and construct a base camp in the towns of Boyuibe, Antigua, and Barbuda. 

In 2002, MWSS-272 Engineers conducted their third HCA located in Jamaica.  In addition, Marines from bulk fuels provided support to Joint Task Force 6 Padre Island during two counter-drug missions in Arkansas and Georgia.

As the United States prepared for war with Iraq in 2003, MWSS-272 deployed to the Persian Gulf in support of Operation Iraq Freedom (OIF) providing Aviation Ground Support for three Forward Operating Bases (FOBs): Al Jabr, Ali Al Salem, and Joe Foss. 

In 2004, MWSS-272 augmented both MWSS-271 and MWSS-273 with personnel for their AGS mission in support of OIF II and III as well as providing personnel to support operations for OEF in the Horn of Africa.  In August of 2005 the Squadron executed a second deployment in support of OIF III.  In June the squadron executed Desert Talon 2-05 in Arizona in preparation for its deployment. In August 2005, the squadron deployed to Al Asad AB Iraq.

In 2006, elements of the squadron assisted in the removal of over 3,000 feet of AM2 matting at the LHA Deck aboard Camp Lejeune.  This project was an effort mandated by HQMC to accumulate excess AM2 matting in order to refurbish and redeploy to OEF and OIF. 

In 2007 MWSS-272 executed its third and final deployment in support of OIF.  Marines provided support to Camp Al Taqqadum, Camp Korean Village, Ramadi, and Fallujah. 

In March 2011, MWSS-272, deployed to Afghanistan in support of OEF to conduct operations aboard Camp Leatherneck, FOB Edinbugh, FOB Dwyer and FOB Delaram.

In January of 2015, MWSS-272 deployed in support of Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force – Crisis Response – Africa Detachment A 15.1 serving as the LCE for 2D Marines.  The command operated out of Naval Air Station Sigonella, Italy as well as two Combat Logistics Detachments in Spain and Romania (Moron and MK). 

In October 2016, a detachment constructed an AM-2 expeditionary short take-off and vertical landing (STOVAL) runway at Naval Air Station Grottaglie, Italy. 

Since its inception in 1986, MWSS-272 has participated in numerous deployments and detachments providing the full spectrum of Aviation Ground Support in support of the ACE. Recent operations include ITX 3-16, 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), 24th MEU, SPMAGTF 15.1, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom- Afghanistan.

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